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The best way to teach interpersonal skills for counseling

Develop more effective psychotherapists with the deliberate practice training system.

Execute more effective counseling courses

Individual feedback for psychotherapy learners is challenging; but a solution does exist.

Train learners the way that characterizes experts.

Finally, learners have the opportunity to engage in deliberate practice for person-to-person skills in the same way that produces experts in other domains.

Target a huge variety of skill types with built-in modules

Focus learner assignments by assembling course modules based on learning outcomes. Modules include a library of hundreds of in-session video categories.

Learners can practice anytime, anywhere.

Skillsetter enables therapy learners to practice real-world therapy scenarios, unimpeded by typical requirements like real-time instructor oversight or peer-to-peer role playing.


Create the ideal training environment for counselors

Finally, counseling and psychotherapy learners have the opportunity to engage in deliberate practice to build interpersonal communication skills.

Target a variety of skills

From communications to clinical competencies, develop skills in an engaging environment.

Simple course creation

Choose from premade course modules, each targeting a focused group of therapy skills.

Simulated client sessions

Our video library features characters from different ages, ethnicities, sexualities, and more.

Accessible to all

Accessibility features are seamlessly integrated, including subtitles and screen reader text.

You can’t learn the piano by reading a book.

Indeed, to become an expert, learners must receive a combination of theory-based training and practice-based activities. Skillsetter leverages a scientific skill building theory called Deliberate Practice to give your learners virtually limitless ability to practice the skills you’re teaching in class.

"The evidence suggests that to improve client outcomes, we must focus on improving the skills that characterize the most effective therapists. Such improvement requires deliberate practice of those skills."

Dr. Bruce Wampold

Co-Founder, Skillsetter Inc.

Get laser-like focus on where each learner needs the most help.

  • Quickly identify which learners require support in particular areas.
  • Provide grades and feedback directly from Skillsetter.
  • Leverage a whole new remote channel to evaluate and support learners.

Organizations who trust Skillsetter


Skillsetter is an online skill building system for instructors and learners of classes where interpersonal skills can improve outcomes. Our revolutionary system uses the science of deliberate practice to improve these skills in a way that is proven to create more effective interactions. Please note that Skillsetter was previously called Theravue. Learn more.

Skillsetter is designed and built exclusively for training that involves interpersonal skills from a wide range of disciplines including psychology; psychiatry, clinical counseling and social work to all aspects of corporate skills training. Skillsetter is designed to fit any organization size and can easily meet the needs of institutions, companies and organizations, government agencies, training professionals, teachers and instructors.

Skillsetter is based on over 30 years of research by our Chief Scientist Dr. Bruce Wampold of the University of Wisconsin. Our interactive system uses the science of deliberate practice to improve effectiveness and outcomes of interactions between people. Here’s how it works:

  1. The learner is shown a brief pre-recorded video of an actor portraying a relevant interaction, such as a client in therapy.

  2. Using a web camera, the learner records a response to the video as if they were in the same room as the character.

  3. The Skillsetter system then provides the learner with a set of guided feedback questions and an opportunity to re-record the response. The learner then submits the video for further evaluation by the course instructor or assistant.

We created some quick videos that walk you through how it works. View walkthrough videos.

Skillsetter regularly produces and adds new content to its library so this number is always increasing. Our library currently has over 600 scenarios, with a range of demographics, presenting conditions and cultural diversity. Please schedule a demo of Skillsetter to view the current modules available.

Yes! It is easy to add your own video content and rubrics. We created a quick video tutorial that can be accessed here that shows how easy it is to create a course. If you want a more in depth look, please schedule a demo and we would be happy to walk you through the process.

Currently, a learner must be invited by an instructor to be able to access Skillsetter content. If you are a learner, please contact your instructor for access. Instructors can schedule a demo of Skillsetter or call us at (+1) 778-402-5790 to set up a free instructor account.