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Join the revolution in training interpersonal skills.

The deliberate practice system for skillbuilding in:

Watch this to find out how Skillsetter can work for you:

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Organizations who trust Skillsetter

Who uses Skillsetter?

Skillsetter can be applied to any scenario where learners or trainees need to learn interpersonal skills. Here are our most common applications:

Take your course to the next level.

Skillsetter is a differentiator for institutions wanting to offer the most advanced and effective training resources for their learners. Our patent-pending software removes the barriers to deliberate practice and replaces them with asynchronous remote technology that helps educators to achieve higher impact in behavioral skill development.

Skillsetter: highly-interactive learning, cloud-based remote technology, asynchronous instructor oversight, and science-based training.

Map your curriculum with pre-built modules

From basic skills to multicultural sensitivity training, our platform has dozens of ready-to-go modules that eliminate the heavy lifting of curriculum mapping. If you require unique scenarios, our curriculum architects will collaborate with you to customize a solution that aligns perfectly with your program's learning objectives.

Premade modules such as Reflecting Feeling, Open Questions, Cultural Humility, Rupture Repair, and many more can fit easily into your existing curriculum.

An easy shift for how we train skills

Not every revolution is painful. Skillsetter exists to make both learners and instructors more effective.

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Integrates with your course in minutes

Choose from our library of premade course modules, each targeting a collection of skills.

Targets a huge variety of interpersonal skills

With hundreds of stimulus videos to draw on, trainers can select the perfect sequence for their class.

Learners love it!

Skillsetter sets the new standard for interactive skills training. Learners find it both fun and enlightening.

Accessible to all users

Accessibility features are seamlessly integrated, including subtitles and screen reader text. Learn more .

Why deliberate practice is essential to improve interpersonal skills

Learners must engage in deliberate practice to become experts. Skillsetter makes it easy.

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We believe that deliberate practice is essential for improving interpersonal skills.

And we’re here to make it easy.

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Unlimited, responsive customer support is our priority

We are here to support you every step of the way. Our services include setup, content creation, coordinating integration with your LMS, managing day-to-day needs, and collecting ongoing feedback to improve our system. You can be assured you will receive human assistance when you need it.

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Find educational resources for deliberate practice, interpersonal skill building, and Skillsetter software usage.

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