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Social workers need good helping skills

Skillsetter helps your students build the skills that lead to better client outcomes.

Designed by social work educators for real world situations

By partnering with social workers and educators, Skillsetter's content has been built to hone the skills expert social workers need.

How Skillsetter uses deliberate practice to build helping skills for social workers


Learner watches a video of a simulated interpersonal scenario

Content on Skillsetter is built to target difficult scenarios and hard-to-practice skills that can usually only be taught by experience. By seeing these scenarios now, learners won't be caught off guard in the future.


Learner records a video response demonstrating a specific interpersonal skill

This is where the practice begins. By responding as if they were in the same room the scenario is happening, learners gain valuable real world experience without the risks of having to encounter these scenarios in real life.


Learner re-records their response until it is ready for submission

Unlike in real life, learners can take as many tries as they need to respond and refine their skills. Guided self-evaluation tells the learner exactly what they're looking for so that they are able to catch their own mistakes and submit the best possible response.


Instructor receives learner’s video and gives further feedback

After submission, students are then evaluated by their instructor to get an experienced assessment of their work and fine-tune their technique. With this feedback in mind, students carry new insights into future responses.

Ready-made modules integrate deliberate practice into any social work course

Practice anytime, anywhere

Skillsetter enables learners to practice real-world scenarios, unimpeded by typical requirements like real-time instructor oversight or peer-to-peer role playing.

Diverse client videos expose students to a wide variety of situations

Choose from our video library that features different ages, ethnicities, sexualities, and more, or work with us to build the content your syllabus needs.

Software integrates seamlessly into existing courses


From communications to clinical competencies, develop skills in an engaging environment that caters to your needs.


Fits into your course as a standalone platform or integrate with a major learning management system.


Build courses from scratch or use ready-made modules in your assignments.


Accessibility features are seamlessly integrated, including subtitles and screen reader text.


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