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A better way to teach interpersonal skills.

Skillsetter uses the science of deliberate practice to effectively improve learner interpersonal skills in one simple environment.

It’s just this easy.

Skillsetter integrates seamlessly with your class or training environment.


Learner watches a video of a simulated interpersonal scenario


Learner records a video response demonstrating a specific interpersonal skill


Learner re-records their response until it is ready for submission


Instructor receives learner’s video and gives further feedback

Watch Skillsetter in Action

View explanatory videos below to get a first-hand view of how it works. The video examples all feature Skillsetter’s application in counseling education, but the process is the same for many uses in other industries.

See how learners practice therapy skills

Watch from a learner’s perspective as they complete a counseling practice case and submit the assignment to their instructor.

See how instructors provide feedback

Watch from an instructor’s perspective as they evaluate a practice case and provide learner feedback

See how instructors create courses

Watch how fast and easy it is to create, customize, and publish a course.

How Can Skillsetter Support Your Needs?

The Skillsetter deliberate practice training platform is designed to be flexible enough for any context.

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