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Unlimited use for half the price of a textbook

Learner Price $59 / 4 months unlimited use

Instructors Free unlimited use

Flexible payment options Choose how to get Skillsetter to your learners


For organizations that want to seamlessly include Skillsetter in their curriculum without requiring learners to manually pay.

Buy licenses in bulk

Seamless experience for learners

Most cost effective

Includes LTI integration with your LMS


For organizations that want their bookstore to manage the process of buying and selling Skillsetter licenses directly to learners.

Licenses sold like a textbook

Learners pay directly to redeem license

Bookstore purchase orders processed within 24 hours


For instructors that want to quickly add Skillsetter to the classroom and have learners pay directly using all major credit cards.

Easily add Skillsetter to class syllabus

Learners pay directly when registering

Pay with: Visa Mastercard American Express

Custom pricing available depending on your needs.

Try Skillsetter for a full semester at no cost

Book a demo to learn more.

Pricing FAQs

Skillsetter is always free for instructors. We use a textbook model of pricing, but for half the cost. At the rate of $59 for four months, learners gain unlimited use of our system while their license is active.

Here's how it works:

  1. The instructor adds Skillsetter to the course syllabus, just like a textbook. This way, learners know they are expected to pay for the service.
  2. The instructor sends an invite for the course to the learner by email.
  3. The learner signs in and pays by credit card to accept the course invitation.

Yes, Skillsetter can work with your institution to make licenses available for learner purchase in your bookstore.

We allow any institution to try our system for a term (4 months) before purchasing to make sure we're a good fit for their program.

An institution may have any number of instructors or learners for their free trial. During this time, all users on the system get the full features and priviliges of Skillsetter without having to purchase a license.

There is no obligation to make any purchase when the free trial is completed.

The primary function of a learner account is to access the courses and create responses to stimulus videos.

Instructors have the additional abilities to create and manage courses, invite learners to classes, and evaluate learner responses. Instructors are also able to create responses to videos in their courses.

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