Engineers are taught mathematics. Business managers are taught logistics and finance. Physicians are taught anatomy and physiology. Lawyers are taught torts and contracts. What is not typically systematically taught in college and university courses is interpersonal skills.

In most endeavors, success depends to a great extent on the social skills of the participants. Even in human service programs where there is an emphasis on interpersonal skills, such as counseling, social work, teaching, and psychology, these skills are not taught systematically. Commonly taught knowledge includes skill acquisition, expertise, and technology.

What Sets Skillsetter Apart

Skillsetter provides a revolutionary method for students to effectively and efficiently acquire social and interpersonal skills. Skillsetter is different from most traditional courses by using the following features:

The Science of Expertise

Built by experts and backed by 30 years of research, Skillsetter focuses on the science of expertise, working to enhance interpersonal skills through deliberate practice.

Utilizes Deliberate Practice

Deliberate practice is the method used by athletes, musicians, chess players, surgeons, and other experts. Experts in their field have one thing in common, practice. This is essential for developing and maintaining strong interpersonal skills.

Technology Assisted

Students practice interpersonal skills using their computer’s camera and microphone via Skillsetter’s portal. Students are able to review their recorded responses to further understand and improve their learnings.

Asynchronous Practice

Students practice various interpersonal skills where and when they desire. Skillsetter is flexible and can be integrated seamlessly into your course curriculum. Students are then free to practice as many times as they’d like, anywhere they’d like.

It’s Flexible

Skillsetter integrates in your course within minutes. Instructors can select Skillsetter modules or develop their own so that domain specific skills are emphasized.

It’s Customizable

Skillsetter will film stimulus videos for your particular situation. Whether your program focuses on counseling, teaching or social work, Skillsetter modules can be adjusted to fit your unique use case. Or, choose from our ever expanding library of premade course modules, each targeting a collection of skills.

Instant Feedback

After students practice interpersonal skills on their own, they can submit responses to the instructor or to other students for feedback and constructive critiques. Skillsetter can also provide automated feedback so students can continue enhancing their skills.

Seamless Integration

Skillsetter is easily integrated into existing courses, in whichever pedagogical way instructors and curriculum designers determine is optimal for the course. Many programs use Skillsetter throughout the curriculum (i.e., not only on interpersonal skill courses).

Pairing Practice With Theory

Students comment that when they used Skillsetter, it was the first time they were able to practice interpersonal skills and receive feedback, so they could work to improve and enhance these skills. Most courses are predominantly theory and discussion based, with little focus on the actual use of skills themselves.

Skillsetter makes practice easy with access to actionable feedback to support deliberate practice. Built on the science of expertise in the same way that skills are acquired by experts in other domains, Skillsetter enables instructors and learners to focus on interpersonal and soft skill building, as opposed to just acquiring knowledge.

Skillsetter is affordable for students (less than the cost of a textbook) or can be purchased by an institution for the use of students.