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Bruce Wampold

Posts by: Dr. Bruce Wampold, PhD

Dr. Wampold is the Patricia L. Wolleat Emeritus Professor of Counseling Psychology at the University of Wisconsin—Madison and Director of the Research Institute at Modum Bad Psychiatric Center in Vikersund, Norway. He is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, Board Certified in Counseling Psychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology, and is the recipient of the 2007 Distinguished Professional Contributions to Applied Research Award. His current work is summarized in The Great Psychotherapy Debate (with Z. Imel, Routledge, 2015).

How Is Technology Changing Mental Health Services?

The clinical practice of and the research on psychotherapy has had an ambivalent, if not a tumultuous relationship with technology. The practice of psychotherapy is by its nature a private and confidential interaction, most often between two people (the therapist and the patient), working in a room with no observers.

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How Skillsetter Can Differentiate A University Program

Engineers are taught mathematics. Business managers are taught logistics and finance. Physicians are taught anatomy and physiology. Lawyers are taught torts and contracts. What is not typically systematically taught in college and university courses is interpersonal skills.

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Best Practices for Providing Student Feedback in Skillsetter

Receiving feedback is essential for learning and perfecting any skill. For many activities, feedback comes from the consequences of our actions. A novice skier might learn to...

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How Much Work is it to Use Skillsetter in My Class?

Getting started with Skillsetter is easy—but you may still be wondering: How much time and effort does it take instructors to use Skillsetter? What about for students?

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How to Use Skillsetter for Treatment-specific Classes & Workshops

Skillsetter is an education software designed to produce more effective psychotherapists. It has applications across various classes including treatment-specific classes or workshops (described here), basic skills classes, and supervision.

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How to Use Skillsetter for Supervision is an electronic platform for learning therapy skills. It is based on established psychotherapy evidence that suggests the following...

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How to Use Skillsetter in a Basic Skills Class

Skillsetter is an electronic platform for learning therapy skills. It has applications across various counseling class types, including basic skills classes (described here), supervision classes, and treatment-specific classes. The advantages of using Skillsetter in a basic therapist skills class include the following...

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Why Individual Feedback Is Essential For Psychotherapy Students

In his ground-breaking 2007 paper called “The Making of an Expert,” Anders Ericsson wrote, “The development of expertise requires coaches who are capable of giving constructive, even painful, feedback. Real experts are extremely motivated students who seek out such feedback.” The Swedish-born cognitive psychologist is regarded as the expert on experts and before his passing in 2020 at the age of 73, he amassed a library of research about deliberate practice and how feedback is a critical element to develop expertise in an area.

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Skill Building in Alliance Rupture Repair for Psychotherapy Courses

Psychotherapy is a complex endeavor. A therapist meets with a client typically once a week for approximately one hour. This relatively brief interaction produces remarkable benefits. Indeed, there is convincing evidence that psychotherapy is an effective treatment for a variety of mental health disorders and psychological problems.

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3 Reasons Why Psychotherapy Is Not Progressing As a Field

When he was pitching his idea for a children’s theme park, American-icon Walt Disney was turned down over 300 times by various bankers and financiers. It’s a hard statistic to believe, especially considering over 150 million people make annual visits to Disneylands in Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Tokyo as well as Disney World in Florida. According to Walt Disney, being rejected that many times by financial institutions helped him hone his ideas and in so doing, he revolutionized the theme-park landscape.

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